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Stand Up!

by Duality

Released 2015
Released 2015
Stand Up! Is powerful! And speak to ones self respect and determination.
  • 03:28 Story Lyrics Stand Up!



     Stand Up!

    Chorus 2x) Stand Up!
    Reach out!
    Stand Tall!
    You’ve gotta learn to fly.

    Verse 1) Don’t you dare
    be defeated
    Don’t you dare
    let’em get you down
    Yeah, the rumors keep flying
    An infection going round and round.
    You’ve tried conformity.
    but it doesn’t seem to wear you well.
    On the road to destruction,
    If you fail to be yourself.

    (Bridge) You’ve got to…...

    Chorus) (Repeat 2x)

    Music Solo)

    Verse 2) State fact not fiction,
    Haven’t you heard?
    “The truth shall set you free!”
    No I can’t change my color,
    It runs skin deep don’t you see?
    You’ve had us searching
    for our identities.
    But it’s been right there
    in front of us.
    Shrouded in secrecy.

    Chorus) Repeat 2x and Fade)

    Copyright BMI All Rights Reserved
    Duality TJP Publishing



If you enjoy music and lyrics that inspires; Stand Up!